15 amazing places you should visit before you die

The world we live in is so full of beauty and wonder, it can almost be overwhelming trying to decide what you should see next. If you’ve got the travel bug but don’t know how to pick your next destination, here is a list of 30 of our favorite, most gorgeous places around the world.

Japanese blooming gardens

Kawachi Fuji, Ueno, and Hitsujiyama gardens amid the cherry, phlox, and wisteria bloom season.
Kawachi Fuji, Ueno, and Hitsujiyama gardens amid the cherry, phlox, and wisteria bloom season.


Walk the Inca Trail to the holy city of Machu Picchu

The old route worked by the Incas 600 years prior first jumps into the wilderness, then trips high into the mountains, and toward the end a genuine supernatural occurrence anticipates explorers: ‘The City In The Sky,’ the hallowed city of the Inca Empire, Machu Picchu.


The raw, untamed beauty of the African wilderness


Crystal-clear glacial waters of Moraine Lake in Canada


Appreciate the play of Colour in the rice porches of Yuanyang County, China



Solidify with energy taking a gander at Aurora Borealis over the ‘Waterfall of the Gods’ — the Godafoss in Iceland


Climb the ‘Stairway to Heaven’ in Hawaii


The shining ice caves of Vatnajökull National Park, Iceland


Clear blue lagoons of the Fiji Islands


The “Devil’s Pool,” situated right at the edge of Victoria Falls


Visit a home of the Gods— the Angkor Wat Temple complex in Cambodia


Walk the inconceivable Bastei Bridge in Saxon Switzerland


The stunning waterfall system in the Plitvice Lakes, Croatia


Ride a camel alongside the Great Pyramids of Giza


Appreciate the ideal congruity of Kizhi’s wooden ribbon and northern nature


Images source: brightside.me






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