A Simple Truth


….. For Promise

This Morning I saw the sun smiling
and the wind dancing,
as it did yesterday, the sun has never refused to smile and when it does,
divine overdose of love radiates through our heart.

For a narrative you must know,
the mouth maybe shy to speak
but the pen is the master of words
and when it does, the mouth sing and magnify itself above the pen.

One rain waters our crops,
One moon transforms our night to day,
God’s love covers us all,
I Guess I have to admit here and now,
You are a perfect definition of beauty.

There are stars that carries your name,
Music that echoes your beauty,
stories that was written because of you,
You are a true definition of love.

“Never give up” My heart echoed,
“Your were meant for greatness”
That’s the simple truth.
Just follow your heart,
I see beautiful tomorrows.

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Written by Abel Udoekene Jnr

Abel is a blogger, a social media strategist and a small business influencer.


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