A Stranger To Self

This world is a world of strangers
But while some are strangers to the world
Many others are strangers to themselves
Are you to yourself a stranger
Be sincere; you don’t need to be a smart player,
If you are to yourself a stranger
Then you are to the world a danger
You need to seek your Maker in prayer
Below are my thoughts as a ‘word-layer’.

I’m feeling unease all through my every cell,
Can someone get me out of this shell?
As I read through one of the books from the shelf,
I saw many pictures with so many stories to tell.
A loud voice saying there are talents within you to sell,
But am I a stranger to myself?

I humbly stay in a corner to write with my pen,
Even the writings seem like the walking of a hen.
I just hope that some folks will read if they can,
Amazingly they’ll tell me, “You’ve done so well.”
Asking, “Your next writing exhibition will be when?”
I always shyly tell them to wait until then,
But am I a stranger to myself?

I step on the platform with so much care
Although I’ve always desired to get there,
As I read through my speech with great fear,
I look at the watching crowd with mute stare,
As I come off through the carved stair,
They said, “You’ve spoken with great dare.”
But am I a stranger to myself?

I can’t explain so much by what means
But did I actually write all these?
And people are reading with no worries,
Still can’t believe someone is sharing this,
Feeling this is not like some ordinary stories,
But am I a stranger to myself?

A lot of people follow my activities,
Many even engage in unusual amenities,
They show appreciation for my innate abilities,
Cherishing the exhibition of my special facilities,
And say, “Your future holds greater possibilities.”
But am I a stranger to myself?

You may have an impression that you’re gifted,

And something tells you, “You can do it.”
But your feelings always seem to fail you,
Even your sights tend to betray you,
Your fear seems stronger than your faith,
Your silence sounds louder than your voice,
You’re still a stranger to yourself.

Your mouth produces great euphony,
And your life sounds like a Symphony,
But your ears began to hear some cacophony,
While your experience seems like an irony,
And your heart seems not to be in harmony.
You are a stranger to yourself.

Often, something in your head seems to ring a bell,
Everyday within your heart, great ideas swell,
But you don’t know how to make them jell,
Because you’re not even sure if they will sell,
Hence, what the future holds, you can’t tell,
Now, you’re confused about what you can do well,
You are a stranger to yourself.

Do you act like a sort of a pet?
And feel like it’s not time yet
Because you’re not even set
But some believe you’re a gem rare to get
And for you, they will go on a bet
You’re still a stranger to yourself.

You see yourself doing things just like the real men
You waste no time watching your fingers counting ten
Coming this far is just like passing through the lion’s den
Everywhere you turn seems like the real end
Only to find out you’re just taking another bend
You are a stranger to yourself.

Honestly, I say all these without animosity
And I don’t mean to be involved in any atrocity
Please don’t make out of this any adversity
Simply find out the limit of your capacity
And ask if you’re still a stranger to yourself.

Amazingly for many of us, this is where we’re at
But one cool evening, I put on my threaded hat
Quietly mellowing through a narrow path
When I got under a blooming tree, I sat
With so much sobriety in my heart
Trying to move from this riddle to a fact.

Suddenly, I demystified the boggling puzzle,
And put an end to the mental hustle
This is the conclusion of the whole matter.

Who then is a stranger to self?
The one who have untapped potentials,
The one who have unused talents,
The one who have unrecognized gifts,
The one who have unfulfilled dreams,
The one with unsung songs,
The one with unwritten books,
The one with unspoken words,
The one with unseen glory,
This one is still a stranger to self.

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Written by AkinyeleWriter

‘Mindsetologist’ A.O.B Olagunju is a Philomath and polymath of some sorts in his quest to be a thought leader in the field of Mental Renovation. He has passion for knowledge sharing with a primary mission to change the world; one man at a time hence, derives fulfillment in helping others.

A.O.B as he is fondly called is an acronym for Akinyele Olumide Beloved is an Author, a Poet, Speaker, Change Expert, Life Coach, Song Writer and Entrepreneur. He is the Host, Moment of Change; Convener, Great Minds Summit and CEO, Mandate Business Concepts .

A.O.B is the author of Golden Rules For A Golden Beginning: How to create your desired change. And The Indispensable Woman: The one God desired from the beginning.


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Abel Udoekene Jnr

Wonderful lines and rhyme. I’m deeply inspire.. It’s true, most people are stranger to self


You got me there, I was still here, still thinking of how to pay the fare just to appreciate your wonderful rhythm and rhyme.. Great piece, master class

David Gutierrez
David Gutierrez

I had to pause and compare ” your hand writing to the walking a hen” for similarities, the Internet has carefully encrypted your hand writing. ..your rhymes is wow


It’s a wonderful reminder, because we are living in a World, where are so afraid to be true to ourselves

Carrie Dobson

Thank you for this, I’m happy to read your poem. I’ve still developing as a Poet, though I’m getting old too.. I love your rhymes.. Please keep writing

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