I am strong

I have the strength to go on

Life is for living

I must go out  and experience

Everything there is

To find inspiration  the sheer beauty in the smallest thing

To have a vibration

Let it be positive

So I can connect with likeminded people things and situations

So I can attract the best into my life

With all vibrational beings

When we are negative we vibrate this

And affect the plants the earth and the stars

And Even the weather forecast

Even our own fellow beings

We are made up on the same ingredients

As the planets

Yes the universe really is in all of us.

I dont want to be like negative people

Spreading their lethal poision everywhere they go

Creating toxins in their bodies

I want to walk freely and breath in the fresh air

From nature

breath every good thing
I am most pleased

When I am doing things that make me happy

When I am around people that love me

I feel greatful for every new day

Every dew drop of rain

Every tree every dark green plant

Every colourful sweet smelling rose

Who knows what today will hold

Each, day, minute, hour is a brand new thing

No day is ever the same

How unique life really is

Let me search high and low for the beauty in it

Let me record its true wonder

In the flow of poetry


And creatively in paint

I might faint

From lifes sheer preciousness
Its power that lies

from within me is  endless

Its been so long since I’ve wanted to fully embrace life

With arms open wide

With no fear

Living life as if tomorrow might be my last

I no longer want to

shy away from the task

To go where only the brave have been

To cry tears only of those of survivors have

To feel the hairs on the back of my neck

Stand on edge

I want to know

What it really feels like to be alive

Natalie Reuben 

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Written by Natalie Reuben


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