And she walked away…

I watched her walk away from me with pains in my heart
I watched her jump into the car with tears in my eyes
I Never wanted her to leave me so soon
I Never wanted her to go away from my side

I wish I could run and grab her hands
I wish she can stay with me forever
I wish she would get down from the car and run back to me
I wish We can go to bed together this night

But I called her phone and she refused to answer.
First time, second time and third time
Just a moment ago she was in my arms
Now she has left me with this mood swing

What is Life without happiness?
What is life without the person you love?
Where can I go on from here?
Who will console me?

Maybe she will come back to me
Maybe she will call and say she loves me
Maybe she thinks of me
Just maybe she cares for me

But I love her so much
I cannot bare the pain of losing her
But what will I do if it happens?
Is there any hope for a broken heart?

Written by Mfon Abel Ekene

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Written by Mfon Abel Ekene


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Elna Brad

You let her walk away thats the truth, you let her slip away that’s the truth. Don’t blame her for your actions. If she comes back, enjoy, if she doesn’t, move on.. That’s life


Why did you allow her to walk away?

I believe in you; join us, let’s change our World.

Two important words every writer need to know