…At A Close Look

29 Jun 2010 --- Couple embracing --- Image by © JLP/Jose L. Pelaez/Corbis

I saw a fire burning.
The strong wind couldn’t quench it.
The flood came but couldn’t drown it.
I watched from a distance in anxiety wondering what it was.
Hmmm I couldn’t tell until I gave it a close look.

People tried to put it off but the more they tried, the brighter it burned. It’s strange, isn’t it?
One thing baffled me most; it had different colours, so attractive like a rainbow. Although i didn’t know how it started but I hoped to see the end of it; little did i know that it would burn forever.

I drew a little closer; then I could see clearly. It wasn’t just a fire but an harmless one… Yes! A fire of love was burning with a sweet-smelling fragrance in that mild heart. It illuminated the once darkened heart and gave it hope again.

Now I know that the fire was ignited by an attraction called LOVE.
If only it burns in every heart, then the world would be a better place.

It was such an awesome sight to behold… AT A CLOSE LOOK, I saw the strength of love.

Written by Ruth Obot

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Written by Mfon Abel Ekene


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