My Best Friend, the One I Lost to the Prison

By Tania Paz, Popstheclub

Every day I think to myself how different my life would be if you were actually here with me. I miss the laughs, the tears and the disagreements we shared.

I’m in my last year of high school now, and I’m really sad that you did not see me grow and mature through these four years. These were the four years I was supposed to enjoy with you. These were the four years I was supposed to have your help when I needed it.

People ask me where you have been, and I lie. I lie because I don’t believe where you actually are. The first two years after your arrest were hard. I was angry with the world, I was lost and pushed everyone away. I slacked off. I was rebellious, and my grades dropped. My attendance at school was poor. I was so emotionally hurt I couldn’t concentrate. The day my dad was arrested replayed in my head all the time because I witnessed his arrest.

Over time, I grew stronger by visiting my dad. Watching my mom struggle was a wake-up call. I knew I needed to get myself together and be strong for my mom and my dad. The dream I have for myself and my dad is to go to college and become successful. My dad pushed me in school. He always attended everything I did in school and pushed me to be involved. He would drop anything he was doing just to support me, like the day he attended the award for my perfect attendance. It lasted ten minutes, but my dad didn’t care. He didn’t want to miss anything I did.

Now he’s missing out on a lot, but I know he is still proud, so I have made myself a strong, independent girl. I know he would be so proud of me.
I miss and love you, Dad.

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