Dear Me, We Can Make A Difference

Dear Me, 
I am so proud of the time we spent together, 

You have been a wonderful companion, 

A true friend and my number one partner. 

I am so sorry I haven’t told you what you truly mean to me. 

I haven’t shown you all the wonderful things 

you represent in my life, 

But I love you with every breath of my life. 
I am inspired by your resilient and patience, 

I am always honored to share in your smile, 

When you cry, I feel it more, 

When you sing, I am tempted to dance. 

You are truly a blessing and a wonderful gift from God to me. 
I remember everything we’ve been through, 

I know the story and the tales, 

I can sing the lyrics of our journey 

and I can dance to our wonderful memories. 
I know you are not perfect that’s right, 

And you still have a lot to work on,

I know we never really believe in perfection  

To be truthful, 

I like you for what you are, 

What you were, and what you will become. 
Dear Me, 

In the face of difficulties, I’ve seen you Smiles, 

In times of heartbreak, I’ve seen you stand

In the case of love and relationship, 

You told me, 

You have decided to be with someone who will make you smile. 

That’s I respect and that God will grant us. Amen
Dear Me, 

I know you can be stubborn a little, 

You can get angry, 

You can cry, 

But I’m always happy, 

You can never forget who you are. 
The future may seem so uncertain, 

I believe we just have to make the best use of today, 

One thing you have taught me

And one thing that keeps me standing, 

I believe as you have said, 

we can and we make a difference. 

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Written by Nditoeka

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