Money Fails

Even though it answereth all things
Yet it’s not immune against failure
At least it does feel the effect of changes in seasons
And sense the impact of climate changes.

It also suffers from some human decisions
With all the its virtues
It does lose value
It is also subject to situations
It has its own unfavourable circumstances,
Money has not always being what it is
And it will never remain the same
This also goes to concretize the belief
That change is the only constant thing
A man, having laboured all his days for wealth.

He sat down in the comfort of his abode
Imagining how he will spend his fortunes
That same night, he was a victim of the greatest misfortune
Surprisingly, all his money laid down.
He bade farewell to the night
He couldn’t wait to welcome the morning after,
Death stepped in and took him away
Leaving behind all his money
Because he would never need it for his journey beyond,
Again money fails.

Two love birds came together and developed for each other a great emotion
A step further, they met their parents and declared their marriage intention
With so much joy, both parties came together to reach a conclusion,
They were well endowed so they could afford any amount required for the occasion,
It was the best event manager in the world that set the plans in motion
On the D-day, notable personalities came from around the nations
It was an amazing scene with so great crowd at the reception
The reason why some well-wishers could not wait for the church benediction
At the end of it all, everyone departed for their various destinations
But just a minor misunderstanding leading to a great confusion
It afforded them a glamorous wedding
But too weak to hold their marriage to a glorious ending,
Again, money fails.

Do not invest all your strength just for money
The pursuit of money is a labour in futility
Although a man of wealth is strong
But money has its own weakness
Money is not always constant
Hence, those who put their trust in it
Should prepare for an impending failure
Because even money answers to the force of change,
And money fails.

When a man desires progression
But after some financial acquisitions
Then comes a great recession
Accompanied by a skyrocketed inflation
The man with all his money
Begins life all over in frustration,
For money fails.

Remember the advice of the wise king
Who said, labour not to be rich
Cease from your own wisdom
Will you set your eyes upon that which is not?
For riches certainly make themselves wings
They fly away as an eagle toward heaven
The financial status of a man is not necessarily his real status
A life measured strictly by money is not a true one,
Because money fails.

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Written by AkinyeleWriter

‘Mindsetologist’ A.O.B Olagunju is a Philomath and polymath of some sorts in his quest to be a thought leader in the field of Mental Renovation. He has passion for knowledge sharing with a primary mission to change the world; one man at a time hence, derives fulfillment in helping others.

A.O.B as he is fondly called is an acronym for Akinyele Olumide Beloved is an Author, a Poet, Speaker, Change Expert, Life Coach, Song Writer and Entrepreneur. He is the Host, Moment of Change; Convener, Great Minds Summit and CEO, Mandate Business Concepts .

A.O.B is the author of Golden Rules For A Golden Beginning: How to create your desired change. And The Indispensable Woman: The one God desired from the beginning.


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Abel Udoekene Jnr

Another wonderful poem Akinyele…
Phil Collins should come and vet it


I support you, where is Phil Collins?

Phil Collins

Abel, I’ve been so busy lately. This is a nice piece of work.. I will take time to analyze and criticize his next poem


This is wonderful, money is not everything

That Ghanaian Girl

Akinyele, I believe we need money to survive, honestly, money may not be everything but it does move mountain… I know you are just saying it literally but I believe you need money too

Funny Tom

I love this, thank you

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