No one care

No one sees the pains I try to hide,
No one looks further than the surface,
No one cares enough to soothe my pains, 
I guess I have only me,
But I’m tired of being strong,
Tired of holding it together,
Tired of keeping my emotions locked inside of me,
The wounds fester and become deeper,
Some see the scars but don’t care to ask,
I’m a woman to be loved, cherished, adored,
Treated like a queen,
But alas, the man in my life doesn’t think so,
I’m scared to talk to him because I don’t know what might provoke him,
The beatings have become a norm, the tears have become my personal makeup,
Everyone sees the loving husband, caring guy but no one knows,
The monster he becomes behind closed doors,
I’m scared of having dreams because I might not live long to accomplish them,
Who will save me from my personal hell?
Who will save me from this torture?
Oh what a lie,
He said he was going to love me, protect me, cherish me, respect me and honor me,
But his loving hands have become my living nightmare,
I can’t seem to find solace in my thoughts,
Even they betray me and torment me,
How long will this continue?
How long will I live like this?
I pray someone finds me soon and rescues me,
Because I have lost everything and everyone,
And now I can hardly find myself,
I have become a shadow of who I was,
I’m crying for help even though my voice can be hardly heard,
But I hope it’s not too late,
I hope I wouldn’t have given in and gone crazy,
I hope it’s not too late before someone rescues me from his shackles,
I hope I wouldn’t have taken my last breath in despair,
I hope my hope wouldn’t be hopeless because I’m losing hope.

Beautifully yours, Temmy.

Written by Ajibade Temitope

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