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I regret not taking my chances

By Abel Udoekene

A love story has two lines
a noun and a verb,
We are at first the noun
until the verb arrives
but where there is no verb, there is no story.

A love story is like a good music,
It’s need voicing and the beats to flow,
Sometimes the beats can flow without the voice,
but the harmony of the two is a delight to the ear.

A love story can sometimes be sad,
Like the shyness that deny me true love a few years ago,
or the strange feelings that keep hurting me as I regret yesterday.

Yes, I regret some of my yesterday,
I regret the love that was smiling right at me,
but a touch of shyness scares it away,
a promise that was my own to keep
and a dream too hard to let go.

A love story is not what you stand to gain,
but what you are willing to give up,
what you are willing to do
in order to make the “us” respectable.

A love story is not all about sex, but more of love making,
You make love when
you accepts your differences,
When you forgive your mistakes and when you are willing to give love a chance.

A love story is the sound of kindness,
Sometimes, it’s not easy to let go,
but you just have to put love first,
In order to make sure he/she is happy.

A love story is a like a wonderful poem,
It’s promises you nothing but is willing to give you everything just to make your day memorable.

A love story is a journey of two friends,
it’s start with a conversation, “Hello, my name is… ” continues with a conversation
“can we be friends?” then ends with a conversation “It was nice meeting you”

A love story is like this letter to you,
a poem that reminds us of yesterday,
an inspiration that will inspire our tomorrow.
I hope it’s makes you happy.
Thank you for reading my lines.
I love you.

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Written by Abel Udoekene Jnr

Abel is a blogger, a social media strategist and a small business influencer.


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That Ghanaian Girl

A love story is a good read… Thank you Abel, you are a treasure

Tina Rohn
Tina Rohn

It’s always good to take your chances when it’s present it self.. Wonderful lines… Hope this get to her


Am so going to save this one.. I miss reading your lines Abel, what happened today?

Jeff Roorda
Jeff Roorda

Love can be strange… Shyness is part of it, believe me we are all shy… No one is born bold

Carrie Dobson

I’ve seen the hidden love notes, it’s only she that would understand, wonderful poem, you owe it to her to let her know, to apologize for your shyness and to make things right…

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