The Childhood Years

Solemn reunion with the beaten stone
In a downpour, singing starling.
There is salt water on your eye-lashes,
Droplets on my tongue. Honey mixed with wine.
I bit my lower lip. I see through the night darkly
The rites of our spiritual circumcision, bird.
You are lonesome in your flight
Between distance and dream.
Over draped eye and spent curiosity,
To me, a dawn rises to you, Sun-blasted peasant.
Come to bed now with me.

ABOUT SHOLA BALOGUNShola Balogun is a playwright, poet, film maker and writer with the Theory of the Mystic Ladder of the Yoruba world and Judeo-Christian Thoughts. He is from Yoruba South-Western part of Nigeria, West Africa. Balogun has featured as a guest writer  and contributor, especially in the areas of poetry, Postcolonial studies and dramatic criticism to various Magazines , Anthologies and Journals.

MOBILE NUMBER: +2348080533378

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