The Stories of the Winds are Taking Me

The clouds whisper to us the stories of the winds and this is the tale of the Poniente.

By Neil Hill

Born of the low pressure systems
that endlessly circle the Atlantic,
they kiss these southern shores
and break into filamentous djinns.

Raking scimitar like over regal Betis
they drape it with mists and dew.

These clouds are animate
and sinuous, so very different
from the brooding stillness of the Levanter
with its false promise of rain.

All around our lifescapes are
telling the stories of themselves.

What a joy it is to re-enchant
ourselves with them.

About The Author

Neil Hill is one of Europe’s top outdoor, wilderness and survival coaches. He believes that our modern disconnect from nature has led to many of our personal, physical and social problems. He has led courses into some of the worlds most hostile and wild environments. His passion is to reconnect people with their aboriginal roots in nature, enabling them to have adventures and experiences that unlock their massive potential, Neil is the co-founder of Earth Strength .

Originally Published on The Good Men Project

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