What I really think of you!

By Adeyinka Ademola

Staring up and staring down,
Nothing to see, just your eyes so deep.
Reliving the moments well spent,
I’ve lost it all, lost my sleep.

You are there before the sun,
And it’s just you until the stars.
Your smile is warmer than the sunshine,
And your love deeper than the scars.

Thousands of thoughts running through my mind,
What do you really think of me?
Do you think of me, as I think of you?
And do you see it as I see?

You’re in my pain , you’re in my relief,
There you are smiling, in my mirrored dreams,
We are eloping from this world so unreal,
Together we are happy, as it seems.

Sometimes I wonder, what I really think of you?
And what is the bond that we share?
And then I walk through the memory lane
There at our stars, I just stare.

Your love lits my world, Like the star laden sky.
Your words like the waves, Hit my heart comes and goes by.
You show me the way to light in the dark,
Your eyes shine bright like the morning dew.
You are to me as sun is to the earth,
So now I know exactly, what I really think of you.

About the Author

Adeyinka is a lady in her twenties.. Still pursuing her goal and will never give up, her dream is to become a medical doctor and a writer.She is currently an auxiliary nurse, She can be reach via mariamadeyinka7@gmail.com

This poem was originally posted at Nigeria Today

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