Your Story Can Inspire The World

I had a few minutes walk earlier today in the Zoo. I met some new friends and I was opportune to join a story sharing series organized by a group called the Food Court.

The food court is a group of young people who are working tirelessly to end poverty and hunger World wide.

“Excuse me sir” That’s how it all started, “We promise, we won’t take your time” They encourage us to sit down and they presented us with fruit juice and snacks.

“The number one problem in our World today is poverty but it’s debatable” Their lead speaker begins
“But we are not here to discuss poverty, we are here to tell you our stories”

The 30 minutes I spend with them was worthwhile, their stories was wonderful and their passion was very impressive.

As I walk down slowly to the gate their stories keep ringing a bell in my heart and I was not proud of myself because I failed the test they gave us.

“We want to ask you a question, but don’t tell us the answer, have you ever wasted food before?” That was the test question that I failed.

Yes, I am guilty, I wanted to ask them a question but their narration was self explanatory “One plate of food you waste can save three people from death”

This was their stories, from orphanage to the street trying to save the World from collapsing.

I could have asked many questions but I find myself struggling to defend myself.
Their stories has change me greatly and I have signed the UN pledge not to waste food again.

Yes, one person can change the World.
Join us, share your story, inspire someone.

Life is beautiful.

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Written by Abel Udoekene Jnr

Abel is a blogger, a social media strategist and a small business influencer.


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