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    Piers Morgan Escalates His Fat-Shaming Feud With ‘Morbidly Obese’ Model Tess Holliday

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    Piers Morgan has made it a habit to pick Twitter battles with celebrities, but he may have met his match with Tess Holliday. It all started when Morgan shared a photo of the plus-size model’s cover of the British edition of Cosmopolitan, sniping that despite the message of body acceptance she promotes, the photo of […] More

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    If A Man Does These 11 Things, He Will Never Fall In Love With You

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    It may be time to accept the painful truth. So, you’ve figured it out. You’re falling in love. Sure, he leaves wet towels on the bed and he’s a maniac about telling you to turn out all of the lights in his apartment, but somehow, someway, you’ve managed to fall completely, totally, in love with this guy. Now […] More

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    How to Cultivate Writing Skills for Success in College

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    The exceptional writing skills for success in college and beyond In today’s world, exceptional writing skills have become a major ingredient for success in both college and the workplace.Prospective students have had to demonstrate their writing ability through college application essays. Enrolled students, on the other hand, continue to utilize writing skills when writing term […] More

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    This Is What She Deserves


    She always ends up the one hurt and she’s sick of it. This girl is tired of being lied to, manipulated, used and just being treated plain shitty. She has to stop thinking she can save everyone. She needs to stop thinking everyone is good until proven wrong. She deserves the world and more. Anyone […] More

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    I Believe In Little Miracles


    For the first time in Canada, doctors performed an in-utero surgery to address a form of spina bifida. The child, now three months old, is displaying normal movement and brain function. On November 14, doctors from Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital and the Hospital for Sick Children confirmed via a news conference that they had successfully performed an in-utero surgery to correct […] More

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    His Best Personality Traits, Based On His Zodiac Sign

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    Every zodiac sign has their negative and positive characteristics to their personality. We are all perfectly imperfect but imperfectly perfect for someone. It’s human nature to want to find someone who has common personality characteristics that we possess although there are times when the opposite trait will help us to be level and balanced. Compatibility […] More

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