15 Little Things That Make Women In Relationships Smile

‘When he comes home every Friday with a bunch of flowers for me, just because he knows it makes me smile’. – Brianna, 35.

‘My man loves cookies and so do I! But, I love them even more when he bakes a fresh batch for us to munch on in front of a move’. – Danielle, 38.

‘Receiving a cute little good morning text from my man puts me in an excellent mood every time’. – Stacey, 39.

‘I struggle motivating myself to go to the gym and to follow my fitness regime, but when Ben says he’ll come too, I hate the gym a little less’. – Christina, 33.

‘When I open the refrigerator and find that Joe has already done the grocery shop I could literally jump for joy!’ – Lauren, 39.

‘Last night my boyfriend sent me a text as I was leaving work saying head to the most amazing Italian restaurant in town! Great food and his gorgeous company gets me smiling’. – Maria, 40.

‘Amazing morning snuggles on the weekend put me in an amazing mood! If only we had time during the week to cuddle up before work’. – Hailey, 36.

Doing all the usually mundane house chores together doesn’t seem so boring when he’s there to help and play around’. – Frankie, 34.

‘My man complimenting me never fails to make me smile from ear to ear. His compliments will never get old’. – Madison, 35.

‘I love it when my partner does little things to make me happy, right now for example he is growing his beard just because I find it sexy!’ – Amber, 34.

When I’m feeling down or sick, he is always there ready to take me into his arms and make me forget about everything’. – Ellen, 38.

‘Nothing makes me smile more than we Matt says I’m turning off my cell, let’s just have ‘us’ time’. – Clarissa, 35.

‘Listening to old-school tunes and singing along to them in the car with my husband always puts a smile on my face’. – Anna, 34.

‘Breakfast in bed on Saturdays prepared by my gorgeous boyfriend always get me smiling’. – Samantha, 32.


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