4 Reasons Feeling Lost Means You’ll Be Happier In The End

By Jamie Varon

1. The point is not to be found

You will never feel settled, that is just the way life goes. You can dig your heels into a life you’ve built and still it could uproot, no matter how deep you’ve dug. This may seem unsettling at first, but eventually, it will set you free. It will free you from the shackles of certainty, of needing permanence. Once you can lean into the truth that life—and all aspects of it—is fleeting, you can let go of the need to have it all figured out. There is no sense in yearning for something that will never be and knowing with certainty that everything is uncertain will free you from wanting it all figured out.

2. To feel lost is a gift

You are open. When you are lost, you are not so arrogant or delusional about a belief system, thought pattern, or lifestyle. It means you are willing to learn, to be rerouted down an entirely different path. This is exciting. This is being open to life. This is letting yourself be swept away. You get to be surprised. You still have the ability and the wonderment to choose new paths and then detour and then completely change your mind all together. This is a freedom you can’t put a price on.

3. Being lost is a privilege many aren’t afforded

When you are lost and looking for a path, it means you are given choice. One of the most sacred privileges some people have over others is that they have an abundance of choice and opportunity. Many people in this world have very little to no choice about which path their life could take. They are faced with limited opportunity. Yet, to feel lost, and to be faced with choice is a rarity that you should be celebrating and utilizing in the best way possible. It is an incredible honor to be lost, to have the luxury of choice. This should be revered and preserved.

4. You have time

Life is long. You will likely feel lost your entire life and that is okay. That is how it’s meant to go. There is no sense in holding onto an idea of what it’s like to no longer be lost. Throughout your lifetime, you will change directions many, many times, that is, if you’re living openly, honestly, and vulnerably. The point of life is not to find a moment which feels comfortable and hold onto that so tight that you miss the rest of your life. You will always have a sense that there is more out there for you to experience and you will be right. Your lostness, that sense of wonder and curiosity, that slight stirring and dissatisfaction will propel you to find more of who you are across the landscape of your life. It is not worth fighting against this. You will only bring yourself suffering.

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