5 Surprising Qualities That Make a Woman Irresistibly Attractive

By Sky Blossoms, Digital Romance

If you’re like most women, you put a great effort into looking your best. And while flawless skin, sexy clothes, makeup, accessories, and high heels may enhance your appearance, your true beauty may remain hidden and unappreciated.

While men are certainly visual creatures and like your façade, what touches their hearts and keeps them attracted to you in a long run may surprise you. After working with hundreds of high-performing men, I can tell you that what enchants them in a woman is not what most women think.

Below are the 5 qualities that make a woman irresistibly attractive :

1. Innocence

In a modern day and age, hardly any woman is a virgin, when she gets married. At the same time, purity and innocence are still very alluring . That’s the charm baby animals and kids have, which makes you want to shower them with affection.

Most people have endured heartbreaks in the past and don’t want to get hurt again. Guardedness and emotional walls get in the way of intimacy and can be challenging to break through. Innocence dissolves any protective shields instantly, because there is no need for you to protect yourself from something pure, right? Innocence is the key to any heart which helps to create instant emotional connections .

You don’t have to be a virgin to portray this quality. The most seductive women in history projected the energy of innocence: Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, and Audrey Hepburn, to name a few. Nabokov’s Lolita is not of innocent behavior, but the allure of a teenage girl also has to do with purity and innocence.

2. Sweetness

If you were to take a peek into what high-performing men are looking for in a woman, you’d find “ sweet and caring ” at the top of their list. Many men are tired of women who act entitled, bossy, needy, or complain. They just want someone sweet and nice, who’ll be attentive and affectionate .

No matter how successful a man is, he still wants to feel accepted and genuinely appreciated for who he is. A woman who smiles, laughs at his jokes, and knows how to touch his body is a keeper.

3. Confidence

A woman’s charm is in direct proportion to how beautiful and attractive she feels in her own skin. In this case, beauty standards are irrelevant. Every man has his preferences and there are connoisseurs for every type of woman’s body and facial features.

Unfortunately, most women have
insecurities around their bodies.
Shame causes a woman to close off emotionally, shut down her sexuality, and even deny herself sexual satisfaction. Women who are judgmental towards their own bodies are tensed and tend to block themselves from experiencing more pleasure. Consequently, they are less expressive, which is often perceived as dry and boring.

Confidence is certainly one of the sexiest qualities for both men and women. A woman, who feels sexy and walks like a queen is irresistible. And a woman who can openly express her beauty is unforgettable.

4. Novelty

You probably know that men are hunters at heart and they love chase and competition . They enjoy getting something unique, one of a kind, and what others can’t get. Each man wants to feel like a winner.

Wise women position themselves as an exquisite rare find which only a special man can get. Perceived scarcity stimulates a desire. She is ultimately free, like fire or a wind, but the one who gets to conquer and hold the wild force, even briefly, can feel like a king of the world.

In a long term relationship , novelty is created through you never ceasing to surprise your man. If he feels like he can never quite figure you out, or predict your next move , you’ve got his attention. Even if he put a ring on your finger, the game is not over, and he still needs to win you over every day. When he knows that, your union is exciting for both.

5. Radiance

This is the most precious and the hardest to describe quality. It’s intangible and impossible to fake. You may have seen a woman who is
glowing , when her smile illuminates the room. She projects joy, love, happiness, and something sparkly. Her vibe is purely enchanting and you want to bask in her light as if she was a sun.
Women in love are usually radiant. Women after a night of passionate sex often glow, as well as happy mommas adoring their babies.

Female radiance is truly a gift to the world, and men find it enchanting.
I train women on how to develop these qualities. When you liberate your natural charm, many of your hidden talents get unlocked and you start living your fullest potential. Once you feel like an irresistible seductress , not only your personal life transforms, but your creative juices start flowing and your entire life may leap into another orbit.

(This post by Sky Blossoms was originally posted at digital romance, click here for more)

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