A message to my future wife

A message to my future wife

Dear future wife…

I was hungry today, I got into the kitchen and cooked a very delicious meal. The meal was very delicious. I just wish you were here to eat it with me. To tell me how sweet it is and how good a cook I am.

I will be learning to cook as many meals as possible so that when I finally find you, I can be very useful in the kitchen too. So that we can get into the kitchen together and make food together. 🙂

Sweetie, the other day, I was walking along the road when I saw this girl with figure 8. She was shaking her body right in front of me but I refused to look. Because I know beauty is not all about the body but what is inside. What the body cannot do, the heart can do. As long as I have your heart, I know my life will never remain the same. I am waiting for you.

Baby, I got home to yesterday frustrated. The meeting I attended did not go as planned. When I reached the house, I was very angry and bitter. I felt very bad. But I know If you were here, your words and actions will calm me down. If you were here, my anger will not be much because you will complete me even when I am down.

My love, I have one problem, I get angry when people scream at me. I know that there will be a time when I may do something wrong and you scream at me. I am trying to change. In fact, I have made a lot of progress. Because my mum and my Dad always told me “It is not good for Husband and wife to be angry at the same time, the house will be on fire. When one is angry, the other should be calm”

I feel shy to tell you this: I want to learn how to make women’s hair! I have told my cousin to teach me. So that on weekends when we are both at home, I can make your hair for you! Can you also learn how to barb men’s hair? So that you will barb mine too 🙂 I will also be able to do you manicure and pedicure

Let me tell you something baby, I hope that when I find you and woo you, I hope you will not give me a hard time. Please when that time comes, make it as easy as possible for me, so I will not die of anxiety and suspense!

I am working hard to be successful so that we both can have a good life. But I know that even if things don’t go the way I plan, as long as I find you, you will stand by me and push me to become bigger than I ever dream to be.

I cant’t wait to carry you… spin you around, cover your eyes from behind. Learn new songs with you, form a new language that only us will understand

I know that all the challenges we meet will make us stronger. God helping us, nothing can stop us.

I wish I can meet you today. I pray I meet you soon because with you, I will be complete!

From your Future-Husband

Mfon Abel Ekene​

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Written by Mfon Abel Ekene


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