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How An Abusive Past Damaged Her Heart

She Isolates her heart from those who genuinely care about it 

She doesn’t mean to push people away. She just doesn’t want to be hurt like she has been in the past. She may give people a reason to walk away by acting or behaving in ways she knows will get to someone.

She’s on constant high alert because she feels life can no longer be trusted  

Trauma has a strong hold of her heart. She’s like a ball of anxiety just waiting for the worst case scenario. While she’s walking, she looks behind her and across from her. She doesn’t notice she’s doing this until someone points it out to her.

Making a judgment call takes her on a downward spiral 

This girl always questions whether or not she is making the right decision. She feels she may give someone the benefit of the doubt and regret it later because of abuse because…

She believes many people have an ulterior motive or hidden agenda

Trusting others is almost impossible. She tends to do this with new people in her life regardless of whether or not it’s a new friendship or possible romantic relationship. She doesn’t consciously know she is doing this but she asks herself questions such as “why is his person being so nice to me” or “what does this person want with me”. And this is why…

There is still a wall or two up to protect her fragile and beaten heart 

She doesn’t realize that no matter how hard she tries, opening up to people is not an easy task.

But she tries her hardest to be there for others. She doesn’t want people to feel the sadness and anger she felt in the past.

She’s a good soul. She may be difficult for some time because all she knows is distorted.

Give her time. Show her instead of speaking it. Be honest and loyal. I promise, she’s worth it.

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Written by Brittney Lindstrom

I am a mental health counselor and certified rehabilitation counselor. I am currently in my doctorate program for organizational leadership and behavior. I have been writing for over 7 years now.

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Funny Tom

She stole her heart and left her empty

Carrie Dobson

This is a perfect example of a real woman. Wonderful style, nicely arrange

Abel Udoekene Jnr

“She’s on constant high alert because she feels life can no longer be trusted”
This is a question I keep asking myself, sometimes it’s seems that life is so unfair, but I believe life is beautiful. We fall and stumble along the way, but life still gives us a cause to shine and smile…

She is a strong woman, an inspiration and a Star that can never fade.
Thank you for celebrating her.


This the true struggle of womanhood.

Margaret Zhang

This is just what is happening to us. Yu clearly explained it …thank you.. you are a wonderful poet

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