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Couple dies, holding hands, days after 77th wedding anniversary

By Zelda Caldwell

Hospital staff moved their beds together so they could share their last moments.

Joyce and Frank Dodd, ages 97 and 96, died on the same day, in Kent, England, after hospital staff moved their beds together so they could hold hands.

The Dodds were in separate wards in the hospital, but the staff decided to move them together so they could share their last moments together.

“They had mum upstairs and dad downstairs and they asked us if we would like them to bring their beds together,” the Dodd’s daughter, Angela Bonell, age 75, told The Telegraph.

“They brought dad upstairs so they could lay and hold hands,” said Bonell.

On Saturday, April 8, Mr. Dodd passed away at 4 a.m., and his wife at 6 p.m.

The couple met as teenagers, while Mrs. Dodd was working as a waitress, and Mr. Dodd was employed as a sawyer at a timber yard. They went on to have five children, 12 grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren and two great-great grandchildren, according to an article in The Telegraph.


SWNS Wire Service

Ms. Bonell told the Daily Mail, “Joyce and Frank enjoyed 77 happy years of marriage and in later years, as their health declined, they still looked after each other and were together until the very end.”

She added that her mother loved to throw frequent fancy-dress parties, which “her father always avoided dressing up for,” according to the report.

“My parents were like chalk and cheese,” Bonell said, using a popular British expression for complete opposites.

Mr. Dodd, was active into his nineties – his daughter remembers seeing him up a ladder painting a drainpipe at the age of 94. Mrs. Dodd was remembered for her love of baking. She “always had homemade cake for visitors and never went to a party without a quiche,” reported The Telegraph.

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Abel Udoekene Jnr

Amazing love story

Phil Collins

This simply beautiful, I hope our celebrities could learn from this

Tony Stewart
Tony Stewart

Tell that to Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor fucking leaving each other after 17 Years Of Marriage….. Tomorrow, they will call them icon, heroes, model, they should go and model for their family

David Gutierrez
David Gutierrez

Marriage is not for kids. The divorce rate is fucking high this days


So many fake Men everywhere, looking for sex, there is nothing like Love anymore.. Them just want to sleep with you

Carrie Dobson

There is love, you just haven’t found the right person.. Don’t judge too early

Tony Stewart
Tony Stewart

Sometimes I wonder why are generation is quite different…. This generation is fuck

Carrie Dobson

I hope my own last this long, though we sometimes fight, but I love him so much.. I won’t want to see our kids suffering

Funny Tom

Love exist in books that what I used to say, till I find one… 10 Years, still stronger together… Great story, wonderful stuff

That Ghanaian Girl

Sometimes the choices we make affect our lives… Love exist, I believe in love…. Great story

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