He thought I wanted him as a friend only
He never knew my feelings has gone so deep for him
He turned from a friend to a crush
A crush that can never be mine

Your tears are something I cannot afford to see because it leaks mine also
I cannot say anything when you talk to me because I cannot stop looking at those curves on your lips
But you do not know that I love you

I tried to stop my heart from longing from you but it was a futile trial
I tried dating different guys so that I can stop loving you but I was lying to myself
My heart keeps betraying me because it loves you

It became so hard to hide my feelings whenever I’m with you
I gave us some space so that I could heal myself
You asked me to explain why I changed so much
I was so difficult to tell you how I feel because I don’t want to lose your friendship

It hurt to see you smiling with another lady
I feel emptied whenever you told me you love someone else
But there’s nothing I can do than to support you.
I will always love you
I will always cherish our friendship
I will always keep you in my heart
I will always wish you the best in all you do
A crush that can never be mine

Written by Ogunseye Odunayo

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