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How to Get a Girlfriend: A Step by Step Guide

How to get a girlfriend? Are you single and want to change that? You may ask yourself: How do you get a girlfriend? How do other men do it? What am I doing wrong? The question is not easy to answer, and basically, it’s all up to you.

The right question is: “How do you get a girlfriend that suits me?” Or “What am I doing wrong so I don’t have a girlfriend?”

A relationship will last long when two people fit together. If you enjoy long walks and nature, a woman from the disco will hardly be the ideal girlfriend or even partner for life. This is why you should use this step by step guide in order to get a better idea on how to get a girlfriend. It is funny, but I got a girlfriend in an unexpected way when I needed a writing paper service. I was in the library searching for materials, and there she was. You actually never know when it’s going to happen, but you can influence it in some ways.

Look around for places where you like to stay. If you like to do sports, the right woman will perhaps meet you while jogging. For animal lovers, it could be a zoo and for bookworms the local bookstore. It is important to be in places where you meet many people. This automatically increases the chances of the right fit.

Even dating websites are an increasingly popular way to find potential partners. This simplifies the question “How do you get a girlfriend?” Answer: Let a computer search for you! You never know what will happen. Just as I met a girl when asked for an online paper writing service, which by the way I still use. She gave me a recommendation and now I have excellent grades and an excellent girlfriend too.

Let’s get into real tips and the actual guide!

  • You must first get the woman’s attention. Pop-colored clothes or planned conspicuous behavior are by no means answers to the question “How do I get a girlfriend?”. Much more important is to get the woman’s attention. It doesn’t mean that you have to search for help write paper like I did, but you can. Women watch well and notice quickly when a man pleases them.  This is less a question of appearance than a question of the occurrence. Even though emancipation has advanced far, thousands of old instincts remain to man. Women naturally seek a man who can protect them. This does not mean, however, that you are free to behave like a caveman. However, a sure appearance and a large dose of self-esteem, but not arrogance, are indispensable.


  • If you have met a woman who is interested in you and who has become aware of you, you must address the woman or get her to be approached by her. It depends on the situation and where you are. The possibilities are almost infinite. Avoid clumsy sentences! “Can I buy you a drink?” Will be answered with the counter-question “What do you want to pour into my glass?”. A casual and not over-zealous comment is enough. If you are not approached, speak to the woman! Be polite and subtle! It is not enough for you to get off a sports car or have irresistible qualities to get to know a woman. The more you dare to speak to a woman, the easier it is for a woman to be your girlfriend. How do you get a girlfriend if you are not very communicative? From the nature of the conversation, a woman tries to get to know the man’s personality. Impress the woman with trying to be a communicative man!


  • Be different from the other men, either you can do something damn good or you can see the things in a woman’s charming way! It is best, however, if the woman checks that you can take care of her. Be hard but also emotional, be demanding and then also devotional, be rough but also tender! Sorry, there’s no better way to describe it. In any case, the fascinating thing for the woman will be that you unite such opposing but important qualities in you. Make sure that the woman can trust you and be herself in every way. You have to approach each woman differently but show understanding, leave freedom, open yourself to the woman and even “be independent” can already do damn much for you! If you really want the woman as a girlfriend, then you are in love with her and if you are in love with her, then she is for you the most amazing woman in the world! This is what you have to show her, show your future girlfriend that she is a very special and unique woman for you. Make her not only compliments to her look but also to her way, how she mastered life successfully or also other character qualities! Bring her her favorite flowers at the 3rd date, it will put you in a different light, women always love flowers.  Make your dream woman realize that what you see is something special that you have in common. Tell her that with her the simplest things, such as walking, are incredibly beautiful.


  • It is important to note a few important things about body language. If you talk to women, or with people in general, it is very important to pay attention to good eye contact. Poor eye contact stands for many bad things like the feeling of unwellness in the situation or lower status). Also, smile a little in any interaction. This alone makes a lot of difference. Also try to stand upright, the shoulders backwards as well as chin up. In addition, it is important to slowly gesticulate, to speak slowly and deeply and to end up with a nice voice at the end. It is often necessary to be able to design the first few minutes of a conversation. Do not think all people except you are self-assured. Not at all! Many people, both men and women, are just as insecure as you are at the beginning of a conversation. So take responsibility for these first few minutes and speak for 90% of the time, in order to show yourself as a leader of the conversation. Express yourself, tell funny stories or situation-related stories. The girl will see that you have confidence. In addition, you demonstrate that you can deal with social pressure wonderfully, which in turn has a very attractive effect on the woman. You should, however, make some space for the answer.


  • As you can see, there is no secret recipe to get a girlfriend, but it is important to have some basic things in mind. Just be yourself and pay attention to the top points, then you have multiplied your chances already! And please leave any manipulation attempts away, because the woman should fall in love with your true “you”. Believe me, you can move as you want and still, your girlfriend will recognize in a short time what your true personality is. And then? Yes guess, then woman will be gone again! Sure, Pick Up Tricks help you to get a woman to bed faster BUT with love (or whatever you call this), we are put on our own and that is also good because there are far too few things in this world we are helplessly exposed to.

Robert Mora is a freelance corporate advisor, researcher, and writer at Ezassignmenthelp. He follows fresh news concerning legislation. Also, he is a marathon runner and participates in local and world competition. Robert has a blogging passion so he likes to share his thoughts with internet users.

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Abel Udoekene

This is one of the best “Look around for places where you like to stay. If you like to do sports, the right woman will perhaps meet you while jogging. For animal lovers, it could be a zoo and for bookworms the local bookstore. It is important to be in places where you meet many people. This automatically increases the chances of the right fit.”


Go to where you fancy for there you will find love

Carrie Dobson

I think, this is a general rule for anyone, its wonderful to know that just a simply hello can start a great love story. don’t be shy to reach out with hello, hi or whatever you feel its right.

Voat Spy

yes, you are right

Voat Spy

Getting a woman’s attention, how do we go about it? what are your best suggestions?


Talk….be kind, be open, offer to help, make yourself available


This is wonderful

Kemfon Decade

Thank you for your thought, great writeup

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