How Can Astrology Strengthen Your Relationships?

Right from stars and planets to transits and ascendant, there are numerous elements of a birth chart that assert remarkable impact on your relationship and subsequently on people you are involved with. Be it Sun or Moon, every cosmic body tones the intensity and direction of natural energy you emit while you come across someone.

In this write-up, we have tried to discover simple ways to channel this energy into a significant force that can empower your professional, family-oriented, friendly, and romantic relationships.  So let’s get started.

Basically, there are five essential components that influence one’s relationship compatibility and a combined force comprising these components is the missing piece to empower your relationships with others. Take a look:

The Sun Sign

An individual’s Sun sign is the most specific Astrological identity because it corresponds to a unique set of details like birth date, time, and place. There are twelve Sun signs, each representing a constellation. A constellation for your information is a group of stars that the Sun crosses over when one is born.

People born under these Sun signs have different attributes and personalities. It also affects the way they interact with other people. So when two same signs get along they have higher odds of having a platonic relationship because they are familiar with the similar attitude and won’t find each other exciting.

But signs with different polarity are more likely to form an association with much greater romantic affinity. Therefore logic dictates you must always search for a complimentary Sun sign if you’re looking for a romantic partner.

The Moon Sign

While the Sun signs refer to the position of stars with respect to Sun, the Moon signs correspond to the position of constellations with respect to the Moon. As per Horoscope and Astrology, Moon is considered to be the master of emotions and inner feelings. The two essential elements which are required for building strong and long-lasting relationships.

By having a keen sense of understanding towards Moon sign you can actually decipher one’s behavior and attitude. This is helpful in achieving success with family-oriented relations like parents or siblings. You should look for a partner with a comparatively calm Moon sign to have a peaceful and satisfying relationship.

The Rising Sign

Rising sign is the constellation present right at the cusp of the first house during the time of your birth. It influences the first impression you make on other people. Rising sign, in a way, can be considered quite deceptive mainly because it reveals how you appear and not how you actually are. This can be an important factor for momentary or short-term relationships.

You might find yourself attracted to someone with a complementing rising sign but it can turn out to be a bait for the potential pitfall that awaits you ahead.

Horoscope Wheel

Not many know but the distance between two signs on a horoscope wheel is called ‘Aspect’ and it plays a significant role in determining compatibility between two individuals. Each aspect has a unique energy pattern which can either be fulfilling or exhausting.

Technically, there are only seven possible aspects and all of them bring a different set of qualities into a relationship. But you need to develop a fine understanding towards these aspects and learn more about this concept before applying it to practical life.


Even if you possess a pretty basic understanding of Astrology, you must have heard about the elements corresponding to the twelve zodiac signs. These signs have been grouped into four basic categories of elements – fire, earth, air, and water. Much like the Sun signs this concept is generalized on an individualistic level, ie., people with two similar signs are similar in behavior and attitude.

They would only go far as a platonic couple. Here, similar elements tend to get dawn towards each other and that’s why you would observe two people sharing the same element of origin getting along quite nicely.

Aforementioned five basic Astrological parameters can turn out pretty useful when it comes to strengthening your relationships. So, next time you get a chance to meet someone new at a professional level, or at a social gathering or even while hanging out at a bar with your friends, you can actually analyze your match beforehand.


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