How to keep your man from looking out

A lot of marriages have been broken because of infidelity caused by the women’s inability to get the right information on how to keep their man. Marriage is a lifetime relationship between two people of the opposite sex and was meant to be mutual with each other having to show love and care without looking out for another partner. Infidelity issues usually occur due to the fact that the people involved fail to understand each other and building this bond of love fails to leave them to regret and feel unloved and go out to seek for other ladies.

How to keep your man from looking out: Do fun kinds of stuff together

This may be cooking together, going out to the cinema or other fun places together. By doing these, the love ignites and your man will not want to look out for another lady as you are always there in his company to keep a strong and lasting marriage.

Fun stuff may also include playing games together, your husband will definitely continue to love you because he sees you as a best friend and not just a housewife.

How to keep your man from looking out: Cook for him always

Cooking and eating meals together also add more spices to marriages. As a wife, your duty is to handle wifely duties by preparing meals in the house. You can ask for his assistance in the kitchen, this goes a long way in making you closer to your husband.

Keeping your man should be your priority, so as a lady you should try all possible means to make him eat and be satisfied with your cooking. By doing this, he will always want the taste of your own food and will make sure he comes home after working during the day to have his meal at home with the wife.

How to keep your man from looking out: Respect him as your husband

Some marriages become stale because of the wife’s nagging and disrespectful lifestyle. Men naturally love to be respected, and if you give your husband the amount of respect he needs as a man, believe me, he is going to adore you.

Some people may be wondering what I mean by respect, respect is when he says “don’t do this”, and you adhere to the “don’t” without questioning and being stubborn to go and do it. This doesn’t mean he is always right, because many people have flaws.

You can always have a better time to question him about what he said and argue it out peacefully. But the moment you start trying to raise shoulder and tell him you are right, it connotes being disrespectful. There is a time for everything and when two people are arguing about who is right at the first instance, it always turns out to be a different case, so as the wife, you have to be gentle and humble even though you are right. You can always find a good time to correct your man.

How to keep your man from looking out: Make love to him all the time

Making love and display of affection for your husband regularly will definitely make him want you more. Sex is one of the activities that draw husbands and wives closer. A good sexual intercourse involving foreplay and different karma sutra positions will make your husband mad over you.

Kiss, caress, touch and hug him always to show that you are a woman that loves him. This will trigger the inborne man in him and he will definitely want more of you.

Why most men cheat is because they are not getting good sex from their wives, so they decide to take a look outside their marital homes and eventually may lose their marriages if the wife finds out and want to quit on grounds of infidelity.

How to keep your man from looking out: Surprise him with gifts

Not all women know that men value gifts too. Gifting a man a pair of cufflinks, underwears, colognes and other small items will make him know that he has someone that cares for him. If you have not been doing this as a lady, it is never late to start surprising your sweetheart with nice gifts especially during celebrations like a birthday or you just buy him a gift as a surprise even when he is not celebrating anything. The moment another woman starts doing that for you, you will be at risk of losing your man to another lady.

How to keep your man from looking out: Study the word and pray together

Marriages need God’s special intervention to work out. Even after doing all the necessary things to keep your man, it is also advisable to study the Bible together. By doing this, you both become spiritually lifted and live your lives based on Bible principles.

Morning and evening prayers should be a compulsory activity for both parties no matter how busy the person is so that it will be inculcated in the home even when children start getting in.

How to keep your man from looking out: Avoid listening to what people say

In life, people will always say things that will make you want to give up on something you have always yearned for. From relatives to friends to neighbours and sometimes people who don’t even know you or your partner. The Bible has it that the devil is like a roaring lion looking for whom to devour. Same is related to people that will come gossip about your man, they want to see your marriage crumble, they want to see you cry and go back to your previous status.

You should not give ears to a gossip if you want your marriage to last long and bear fruits, do not even ask your man about what someone told you. Reason being that he on his side might be wrongly mistaken for someone or out of hate they spoke bad kinds of stuff about him so as to damage his image.

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