I Will Love You Like No One Else Can

By Rikki Louise Cereno

I’ve always thought that I was hard to love, but you coming into my life stand me correct. That is why I will love you like no one else can.

I will love you even though we’re worlds apart. Distance means so little just by hearing you sing to me and I listen to my heart’s content. Talking for hours with you feels like we’ve been together all this time. I do want to see you so bad, but I’ll be patiently waiting for our time to come. I believe that God has been planning how our dates will work and I am looking forward to that.

I will love you even though we’re both busy with our lives. I know how dedicated you are to reach your dreams and I’m so proud with you my love. I will support you and pray that God will give you enough strength and courage to keep on moving forward. Know that you’re always part of my life, even though I am also running towards my goals.

I will love you even though we’re on the edge of the world. I know that there’ll come a time where things get rough and hard. Wherein our relationship will be put in a test; I hope you and I will get through all of these and please always remember that it is not you vs. me, but us two vs. the problem.

I will love you even though I don’t have any idea of how to be the best girlfriend. All I know is that I will love you the best way I know how and will be honest with you as much as possible because you deserve that kind of love. I will trust you with all my heart, for I believe in you.

I may not be the prettiest, sweetest nor the most amazing woman in the world, but I am the woman who will love you like no one else can and I will stay with you as long as I can.

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