I’m Trying To Put Into Words How I Love Every Part Of You

By Emma Bleker

I say that I love every part of you, knowing precisely what it is I mean to say.

“I love every part of you”, as in “I know I haven’t seen every part of you, but I know I will love them when I finally meet them.”

As in, “I know your heart can get messy sometimes. I know, because mine can, too. I am good at holding things as they fall apart. It is all soft palms, here.

I will help you pick up the pieces, every time, if you’ll have me; if having those shards of you recovered is the thing you need from this space we share.”

As in, “I know you will inevitably say hurtful things, and I know you will not mean them. I know I will not always be easy to love, and I’m not sure Iknow how to tell you that I want everything you are.”

As in, “I will not let you be the only one left. I will be there to listen to you, even when I don’t understand you. I keep saying that stars seem to be living beneath your skin, and I want nothing more than to fall further into your sky.”

I say that I love every part of you, knowing precisely what it is I meant to say. I love all your past and all of your tomorrows; I love the sky inside your heart, with all its infinite light. I love you, whole.Every single star.

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Written by Poetic Angel


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