The Letter I Had Wanted To Give You

By Abel Udoekene

I know we were too absent to even try, but this is the letter I had always wanted to give you. Sorry, I didn’t complete it, it is still a draft, just the way I left it after our first meeting, I was compiling so many, I wanted to turn it into a story book for our honeymoon.. I guess that is in the past.

I was very scared when we first met,
I knew your ears was willing to hear me speak,
But like stubborn pimples,
fear arrive breaking down my little confidence.

“How are you feeling? ” I had wanted to ask
but I don’t do feelings
because they control everything about who you are,
sometimes you don’t need them
But they keep coming back to invade your privacy.

I’m not sure who I was when our path crossed,
but I was moved by your kindness,
I didn’t even noticed your face,
I only saw a woman with a good heart
and a wonderful sense of humor.

Here is my weakness, I guess you should know,
I was raised to look after other people
So, I’m always too concern about the welfare of others,
Sometimes I will invest too much in people,
That I forget myself.

I’m trying to understand emotions too,
because just like feelings,
It could make you look too bad
If you can’t control them.

I think about you always,
I guess I’ve allow you to infect me with your muse,
I can play keyboard, I can sing, I can cook,
I can do so many things,
And most importantly, I love God so Much.
My desire is to show you the beauty of the World in many colors.

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Written by Abel Udoekene Jnr

Abel is a blogger, a social media strategist and a small business influencer.


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