My Grandfather’s Best Relationship Advice

By Abel Udoekene

As a little boy, I was so close to my grandfather and I learned so much from him, apart from being funny and strict, he was “The man” as we used to call him that knew everything about love and relationship.

“I’m sorry, I’ve move on” was the four words that was always on his lips, and he never forgot his smile each time he utter those four words.
He would gather us during moonlight and tell us great stories about our ancestors. It was during this moonlight story series that I learned that the most powerful weapon that God has given to mankind was love.

To him, if we love ourselves, we would be able to love and appreciate others and then the love will grow to make the World a better place.

“Edima” He would call my big cousin.
“As you grow up, men will start coming after you, some with genuine interest, some with genuine intentions and some with funny misconceptions. Don’t be carried away by what they have or what they claimed to have, your only duty is, to listen if you must, to tell them excuse me, if you can and to ignore them if the need arises. But if you must listen, listen attentively, if their words hold a promise, give it a try, but be very careful, when a man is in heat, he may not be able to differentiate between love and lust”

He will turn to me and my brothers and continue
“The big boobs will become flappy someday, the flat tummy will change one day, the lovely voice will insult you one day. When she becomes yours, physical appearance fades, it’s the inner beauty that builds a home, don’t be carried away by the physical appearance, if they attract you, go close as a friend, don’t pass your boundaries, just be close enough to know more about her”

“Life is a journey, it’s not fun when you are travelling alone, take a book with you, find the right person and enjoy your ride” That was how he will end it and we will all go to bed satisfied and excited.
This is the perspective that has build my life to be a man.

Life is fun and wonderful, if you have not find that person yet try and be that person for yourself and at the right time “love will find a way”

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Written by Abel Udoekene Jnr

Abel is a blogger, a social media strategist and a small business influencer.


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