I Never Needed Your Closure, I Found it Within Myself

It’s the same story for every girl. There’s a guy who becomes our everything, and then leaves us with nothing just as quickly.

We all think we’ll never be the same. When those guys leave, they take a piece of us and for a while, we think that missing chunk is our whole selves.

Turns out, it was just that—a piece, one that we don’t even need anymore. But when they take it, they thinks it’s one final screw you.

Well, they’re dead wrong, because all they did was add fuel to our souls, igniting them and making us stronger.

Often times, we seek closure from the other person in order to close that chapter in our lives and move on to the next. At times, desperate for this closure, we may act irrationally and illogically. The other may even say we’re crazy.

But we’re not.

We deserve proper closure. But in a not so perfect world, there are those who refuse to or can’t give it to us.

If a person can’t give us the respect and dignity we wholeheartedly deserve by giving us proper closure, than that person lacks the ability to be a decent human being and does not deserve another ounce of our energy.

We’ve spent endless days and nights or numerous failed attempts to get closure from the other, so it’s our time to close our own chapter.

It’s time to take back our lives, to release ourselves of the hold this person has on our hearts and souls.

We owe it ourselves.

We have to take that energy and power and create our own closure to the relationship.

However we choose to do it— writing, singing, painting, running, whatever. We need to expel all the negative and make room for the positive.

To every ex, everywhere: you no longer hold our hearts captive. 

You no longer have us under your spell. As you continue to be a heartless and entitled individual, we will evolve and become better people and ultimately, live a much better life without you in it.

This is our final goodbye to all the exes who ended it and left us hanging. We will never forget you but we’re no longer your prisoners. We are free.

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Written by Brittney Lindstrom

I am a mental health counselor and certified rehabilitation counselor. I am currently in my doctorate program for organizational leadership and behavior. I have been writing for over 7 years now.

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Idorenyin Monday Johnson

Self love is the first, others is just additional, Thank you

Abel Udoekene

You owe no one no apology, your life is your business


I signed on to this too…To every ex, everywhere: you no longer hold our hearts captive.

Because you look at me

I Owe No One An Apology For My Chronic Illness