1 in 5 Parents Electronically Tracking Kid’s Location: Study says

One in five parents electronically tracking their kids and teen’s location while they trip to schools or college according to the latest study published in ABC News. Parents seem concerned about their kid’s safety. On the other hand, GPS tracking of kids raises some increasingly common questions: Whether parents should use such apps or devices to electronically track kid’s trip to school in order to keep an eye on them.

Raising young kids and teens obviously comes with potential discomforts and insecurities. Parents usually don’t know where their kids are and even if they are at schools they make so many assumptions with regard to their safety. So, modern technology in terms of GPS location tracking empowers us to address some of the concerns. We want to protect kids in particular, to maintain a love connection and foster their independence.

Key Points of the study:

Parents actually track the kid’s location in order to ease their concerns, the Royal Children Hospital study shows that. Tracking of the children location may not enhance the skills of children to safely make the journey, the poll director added that. However, the schools and college-going children don’t walk or ride to school, it is further stated that in the study.

Should You Track Kid’s Location?

This is the most common discussion we all are having in our homes whether we track our children location and as well as their gadgets and cell phones. I think if your kids and teens are tech –savvy and they know how to use the technology and to have an online presence, then we should consider monitoring and as well as tracking their location to have a peace of mind and to make sure the safety.  The very common element that running in parents mind is the safety of their child while going outside the house and trap to school. According to survey conducted by PEW Research Center, most of the parents don’t track GPS location of their kids and teens cell phones between the ages of 13 -17. However, 16% of the parents really perform the location tracking of adolescents. Therefore, we can use tracking apps to surveil our ambulatory hearts, should we?

Source: Parents Tracks Kids Location Remotely

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