Is Sex Okay During a High-Risk Pregnancy?

If your doctor determines that you may have preterm labor, you should avoid sex at all costs. The semen contains substances causing the uterus to contract, which may leave you and your doctor or midwife concerned. If your practitioner has counseled against sex for any reason, if you have unexplained bleeding or a history of premature birth, then sex is an unnecessary risk to be taking.

Sex during a high-risk pregnancy may also be ill-advised if you have placenta previa. That is a condition where a part of the placenta covers the cervix. Your placenta is low-lying during the early stages before increasing as the pregnancy goes on. It causes problems more times than not during the pregnancy’s later stages. Placenta previa can lead to growth restrictions for your baby or even fatal hemorrhaging, which makes sex too risky to have.

If you have cervical inefficiency, this is also a cause to avoid sex as much as possible. This condition refers to your cervix being weak and opening too early during pregnancy. Cervical inefficiency increases the chances that you may lose your baby or that the baby may be born prematurely. This condition happens in one of every 100 pregnancies, with strenuous exercises (including sex) not recommended.

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