Please stop telling me how time flies

By Abel Udoekene

I was about bringing a new character into my short story when my cell phone rings.
The voice on the other end was too fast that I nearly lost my confidence.

“Abel it has happened again” he echoed. His voice went dead for a moment, then he continue, “July is almost here, 17th will be your birthday, but I…” he couldn’t conclude his speech when my phone decided to reboot.

These few days has been so hectic, first I needed to finish two short stories that has taken sleep away from my my eyes for weeks. The first one is a confession titled “The things I stole from my father” the second one was actually a stage play but I had to write the short story version for the sake of my dairy and I titled it “the story no one believed”.
Secondly, the family is currently in a period of grief and most time when I’m tempted to cry I look up and the sun dries away my tears.

I didn’t finish understanding his message when the phone rings again, this time it was a lady “Abel, I heard you are very good with digital marketing, I’m starting a fashion line can you help me run a free social media campaign, I promise my husband will…..” Then the phone rebooted again.

By this time, it refuses to come up till after 10 minutes (software upgrading, Android whatever, etc). And when it does come up, the call log was gone, I was confused on what to do because I didn’t know the people that called me and I was hoping they will called back so that I could at least get their contacts.

In that period of confusion, I opened my diary to edit a stage play I was writing for a friend.
“why are you starring at me? ” one of the characters greeted me immediately she noticed my presence. I wanted to turn over to the next page when another one suddenly replied her “I don’t blame you, I blame the clock for allowing time to fly, so that you a small child of yesterday can have the gut to stand up and insult your ancestors”

The laughter that follows was alarming, I didn’t want to interrupt them, I always knew they could keep me company any time I’m bored, confused or lonely.
“Hahaha, please don’t tell me times flies, who dash am wings? Can he even walk, can he run, now you are here saying time flies, where did you see it fly?” the young lady was trying to laugh at my sorry state but Joe his little brother gave her a perfect reply.
“Tick says the clock, tick tock, all you have to do, do quick…..” “shut Up! Shut up!! Shut up!!!” that was all I could hear before the phone rings again.

It was the woman, she needed me to create a facebook page with at least 50,000likes within a month for free, I tried to tell her what was involved but she wouldn’t listen.
“If you are not competent enough to help, please tell me, the person who recommended you said you are the best, but you are behaving like an amateur”

I was trying to respond when I mistakenly ended the call, I tried to call her back but her number was switch off. So I decided to move into myself trying to hide my ignorance.

July is one of my favorite months. Incase you are wondering why, our family diary is titled “The July family” I was born in July, so was my brother and two other people. My dad used to organize a special thanksgiving for the family in July and it was a period of reflection where my mother will share her 9 months experience of carrying each of us, sometimes, we will just cry, sometimes we will laugh but one thing was certain, we all love our Parent.
I can still recall the song of my junior brother “Mummy I love you, daddy I love you” it was always so emotional, my dad will join him in singing the chorus, oh! his bass voice was wonderful. At that moment, I prayed to God to make me have a lovely family like ours. The tales of July is fully documented in “The things I stole from my father”

I have just one wish for July 17th my birthday, it’s been a very long period of grief, I just hope God can surprise me with something or someone that will introduce a little smile to scare away this tears forever.

I eventually discussed and come to a conclusion with the woman because my integrity was at stake, I warned her about creating a page of 50,000 likes without any engagement, I told her even if she has 1000 likes with engagement it will pay her more, “that social media success is not in the numbers, but engagement” I send her few demographics to study and she was very happy.

On a final note, always remember, time is your greatest assets, no matter your age or your background, one good thing you do at the right time can inspire millions of people, don’t wait any longer, show someone you care, surprise someone with a gift, be kind to everyone, life is too short to be sad, life is too beautiful and your smile means a lot.

Happy new month.

Stay blessed.

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Written by Abel Udoekene Jnr

Abel is a blogger, a social media strategist and a small business influencer.


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Mark Radcliffe
Mark Radcliffe

Beautiful piece

David Gutierrez
David Gutierrez

Thank you so much

Tory Eola
Tory Eola

Happy new month

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