Read this, when you can no longer hold on to love

By Abel Udokene

Read this, when you feel you can no longer hold on to love
Read this, when you feel you can no longer hold on to love

I used all my energy trying to make you love me,
I answered your calls in the middle of the night,
even when you ignore mine by 9 pm,
I accepted all your flaws and respect all your decisions
yet you refuse to love me at my best.

I was weak to make you feel strong
I never allow you to see my tears,
I never get angry when you ignored my texts
I never felt insulted when you treated me like an outsider
and then twisted the situation to make me look like the bad guy.

I saw your worst sides but I wanted you,
I made you my priority
because I never saw the need of playing games
I wanted you to feel loved,
I wanted you to know how much I care.

I gave you the benefit of the doubt
when you told me my words turns you off
I acted like everything was fine,
even when I was secretly falling apart.

I’m sorry my best wasn’t enough for you,
maybe I should have pretended to be someone else,
just maybe you would have accepted me,
or maybe I should have shown you my worst
maybe things would have turn out different,
or Maybe I just need someone who will accept me for who I am.

Source: Find Joy

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