Sleeping Queen

You feel you won’t be alright without him that’s why you prefer being managed than quitting the affair. He uses you as a rag because you’ve made it obvious that you can’t survive without him.

You’ve sold out your dignity to be trampled upon because of the fear of being alone and have willingly become his slave. 

You don’t ask questions when necessary for the fear of losing him to someone else. Even when he calls a black colour white, you nod in agreement; no objection.

Do you know that freedom is when you stop eating your own meal as if you stole it? He is so handsome that all the ladies around you have a crush on him; so wealthy that you prefer living in oppression. Your freedom means nothing to you. He returns home at weekends with different ladies and tells you they are his sisters; you dare not question him even when you know it’s not true.

He invites you to cook meal for them. He doesn’t appreciate nor celebrate you but you don’t mind. He feels he is doing you a favor by dating you…

At a point, he asks you to excuse them because they want to discuss a personal issue. He tells his friends that you are his sister. He doesn’t like going out with you but you have no choice than to live with it.

You saw a gift in his wardrobe while cleaning his house and felt he wants to surprise you with it but before you knew it, it was no longer there. You asked him and he told you he had given it to one of his so called sisters. You swallowed your saliva; you know you mean nothing to him. He doesn’t love you anymore (If he ever did) but you still wanna stay. What for?

Hmmm why have you chosen to be a slave instead of a queen?

Why choose to remain as a rag instead of a precious stone?

Go for a man who respects you and has your best interest at heart, irrespective of his pocket. Don’t be like the Isrealites who wished to settle for the less. God has a better plan for you so why do you choose to be a banker’s wife when God has kept a president for u? Why stay with someone who isn’t interested in your future?

Oh SLEEPING QUEEN! Are you still sleeping? Awake and do what is right before you be like a rusted bill board. Take a bold step out of his life and breath the fresh air around you…Feel relieved; your KING is coming your way.

Written by Ruth Obot

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