The Smile Behind Her Smiles

Mama will always say that every smile is a gift from God. “If your talk makes a lady to smile then you are a real man” The story of how she met my dad was a miracle of a smile. Just one smile produce thousands smiles and the results was us.

I always tell my siblings, “We are the products of Mama’s smile” Those smiles was a yes that gave birth to us. Everytime she remembers those moments, she will always smile back and make jest of it. Off course, some memories cannot be easily forgotten, a thought that has find a lasting place in my heart, “Making every moment memorable”

“Every Lady deserve attention, if you need her badly, give her all your attention and smiles” That is her favorite quote on getting any Lady you love. Most time, when she start instructing us, I will be so busy listening to her until her words breaks my eyes. And When the rain start traveling down through my face, she will be so angry in other to mould back my wounded eyes.

But each time, I look closely at her when she is angry, the sign of smiles on her face is always very glaring , her beauty even when she is angry is 100% unimaginable.

“If she smiles back at everything you say, she is interested in you, if she makes you smile too, then you must give her all your smiles” Her lessons on love and relationship has been my burden.
As a man, with lot of dreams and desire, I am always on the lookout for the Smile that will produce thousands of smile and eventually make Mama a grandmother.

Each time, she look at me, I will see the Smiles in her eyes, “I’m happy, God gave all of you to a small me” she will jump up and sing her favorite song, then she will sat me down and force me to eat as if I was still a baby.

To me, her smiles makes us who we are and she can smile for Africa

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Written by Abel Udoekene Jnr

Abel is a blogger, a social media strategist and a small business influencer.


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