The Way We Date May Change, But True Love Last Forever

By Abel Udoekene

“Love and attachment will prevail; technology cannot change it” Helen Fisher.

I ran into an high school friend earlier today and we talked for over an hour, she told me how she met a young man via Facebook, they chatted and now they are the new love birds in town.

Like all new relationship, “hers relationship” is defined by so many uncertainty. She is yet to fully know or understand the man yet she is already jumping up and announcing his name everywhere she goes.

In those days, as we were told, Parents play a very big factor in deciding who their children date, they even go a long way to arrange marriage for their children, all in the name of ‘I want my child to be happy’.

The ideas is still on, though not rampant as at then, because social media and the 21st century syndrome has brought ‘relationship’ closer to the people unlike then.

“I can stay with my mum and chat with my boyfriend without her knowledge” wrote a 15 year old Jessica.
“Most time, on my way back from school, we will meet, have fun, before coming back home”

This situation and the likes defines relationship in the 21st century but “those days” the case was not the same. From letter writing to parental arrangements, relationship story was always magical.

Last week, I was with two ladies who incidentally did not believe that love exist, according to them, “Love is a story created by Titanic, sung by Celine Dieone and believed by the weak”
For them, it’s about the money and they believe that all that men want was “Your body” as they echoed.

Funny as it’s sound, there are thousands of people out there who share in such theory, “That’s the problem of the 21st century, men can now marry men, ladies can marry ladies, what a generation” argued a University Professor.

But no matter how technological the World gets, no matter what many people thinks or believe, real love exist and it’s can never change.
How we date or relate to each other may change, but love will and can never change.

Love and cherish yourself, that’s the starting.

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Written by Abel Udoekene Jnr

Abel is a blogger, a social media strategist and a small business influencer.


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