There is always a reason to love

By Abel Udoekene

There is always a reason to Love
There is always a reason to Love

Having someone who loves you for who you are is one of the greatest feelings in the World.
they help you forget your worries,
cloth your flaws with their smiles
and gives you a reason to breathe and celebrate life.

Having someone who accepts you for who you are, makes life easy and beautiful
they reduce pride to nothing,
comfort you without asking for nothing in return
and makes you understand that life is worth living.

Having someone who accepts to share every moment with you
is what make life meaningful,
they are not ashamed of your inadequacies,
never bothered about people’s opinion of you
and will go the extra miles to makes you smile.

Having someone to love is a desire that is worth promoting
you are blessed if you have found the one,
but if you have been hurt, don’t give up
there is always a reason to love.

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