This is for every girl who hide their fears under their smiles

By Idarasit Ekwere

This is for girls who have the tendency to stay up at night listening to music that reminds them of their current situation. Who hide their fears,hurts, pains and tears under the smiles, laughs and giggles on daily basis.The girls
who wear their heart on their sleeves.

The girls who pray that things will work out just once and they will be satisfied.
The girls who scream and cry to their pillows because everyone else fails to listen.

The girls who have so many
secrets but won’t tell a soul. The girls who have mistakes and regrets as a daily moral. The girls that stay up all night thinking about that one boy and hoping that he will notice her one day.

The girls who take life as it comes, to the girl who are hoping that it will get better somewhere down the road.
For the girls who love with all their heart
although it always gets broken.

To girls who think it’s over.
To real girls, to all girls: You’re

To all the girls in this class it’s time to pick the pieces and let time handle the situation . No love is wasted no love is lost. Love definitely always find us out only if we keep doing the things that once made us happy.

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Written by Abel Udoekene

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