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I Am Waiting For That Sunday Type Of Love

I used to hate Sunday’s. School and work followed the next day and it meant the start of a whole new week.

Now, I’ll wait as long as possible to have a Sunday kind of love. There’s no other love I want than a Sunday kind.

A Sunday kind of love is comfortable. It’s knowing that while there’s passionate love between two people, there’s a comfort that rests the mind and eases the soul.

It’s comfort in knowing after the get up of Friday and Saturday, there will still be love on Sunday and there’s a certain comfort in knowing that.

Knowing that behind the makeup or nice clothes, there’s a person beneath it all makes it that much better. To know that the other person loves me regardless of whether we’re out on the town or in bed watching Netflix all day is peaceful in my mind.

There’s nothing extravagant or extraordinary in a Sunday kind of love. You don’t have to go out for dinner or somewhere fancy because both people are perfectly content staying in and watch an entire series on Netflix.

It makes you feel whole. Complete. It allows you the comfort and joy in being your complete self without censorship. It’s knowing you won’t be judged. It’s knowing you’ll be loved completely regardless of how you look or spend the day.

It makes you happy. It makes you want to spend more days in than out. It makes you want to get to know the other better and more. It’s intriguing to you even though it may seem bleak to the outsider looking in.

A Sunday kind of love gives you the chance to reconnect with one another. It helps you discover or rediscover things about the other that may have drifted to the back of your mind.

Nothing seems forced. Conversations flow naturally without restriction or thinking before you speak. It’s pure happiness and passion. I want that.

It keeps you grounded. To the person looking in, it may seem super boring. And personally, I’m okay with that. As I get older, I want comfort and peace of mind.

I don’t need adventurous trips or spontaneous things. I want comfort, happiness, joy and selfless love. The only love that a Sunday kind of love can give you.

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Written by Brittney Lindstrom

I am a mental health counselor and certified rehabilitation counselor. I am currently in my doctorate program for organizational leadership and behavior. I have been writing for over 7 years now.

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Mfon Abel Ekene

Wow! I am waiting! That is if it exist! How ling will I wait before I mistake Saturday kind of love for it?

Abel Udoekene Jnr

This is what I want too.. beautifully crafted “I don’t need adventurous trips or spontaneous things. I want comfort, happiness, joy and selfless love. The only love that a Sunday kind of love can give you.”


I was a victim of the Sunday thing, I hated Sunday too. But grandma was always so hard on us, sometimes she will do funny thing that will make us want to accompany her to the church . It was always fun

Carrie Dobson

Sunday brings so many memories, especially when I used to walk with my husband while he was still with us, side by side to church. Now Dave my grandson drives me to church.. each time i sat and remember those days…sunday was and is still the best day of the week for m..thank you for making me smile



Mandy Moore
Mandy Moore

I can’t hold it any longer , this is my best for the month, I miss those Sunday funday …….

The Sport guy

I have the Sunday kind of love . I’m blessed to have a Lovely wife and two beautiful angels

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