When A Girl Loves You…


When a girl loves you, she loves you for real
When she loves you she become proud of you
She will make friends with all your friends and relatives

She will change her life style to fit yours, even when you disappoint her she will forgive even before you ask her for forgiveness.

She will never want her boyfriend to become her ex because her future lays in his hands when they plan together.
She will reject all proposals just because of you.
She will keep herself for you no matter how far or near you are

Your likes will her likes and your dislikes will be her dislikes

She will reply all your SMS and calls,
Like all your post online even if it’s good or bad and letter scone you when she is with you and also try to correct you.

she won’t mind if you give her money or not because money is not everything in a relationship.
She will prefer to work together with you and make the money.
She will support you in everything you do because her interest in you is love, care and the future you both have together and not your wealth.
She will be proud whenever she is telling you to her friends.

Look at that girl because her heart is made of gold.
She is a gift sent from God
Too precious to lose
Good to keep as a wife
She deserves to be treated like a Queen.

Lady’s stick to your man know matter how poor he is
Pray for him and always encourage him

A good woman determines how successful her husband will be
Be wise and give honour to those who deserves it

Written by Fumnanya Nwaojei

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