Thank you for being a part of Trendiee! We call all our contributors and users Trender! So you are a trender!

Our goal is to build a community of trending articles, videos, images, news and all that. Whatever is trending and people are looking for, it should be here. If people love it, it has to be on Trendiee. If it will add value to people and help make life better, it should be here.

When we say WE, it includes you! There will be no Trendiee without you!.

You can always create and submit here


But here are the rules to guide us and make Trendiee better

Do Not Do These

  • Do not submit spam contents, it will never be approved
  • Do not submit your company and what they do
  • Do not submit posts that server just to promote your company
  • Do not fill your post with links to your website. Just one link is okay
  • Do not Embed videos or others that talks only about your company
  • Do not Spam!


This Is What You Should Do

  • Submit posts that add value to readers
  • Submit original content if you want to make it to the front page
  • Embed videos that adds a value
  • Submit news articles that is trending
  • Submit anything that is trending and interesting
  • You can write about you and your company on your profile but NOT in your submitted post


  • When you submit anything, it does not go live. It needs to be approved manually by human moderators. It is usually fast
  • We get over 200 submissions a day and only approve those that adds value
  • Your title or post might be edited if necessary
  • Trendiee is a community to help people find trending articles, videos and other. Help us achieve this
  • Not all post that we approve makes it to the front page. Only quality posts. Original contents stand better chance. You can find others at category level or on your profile.
  • Once you have submit lots of contents that adds value, especially original ones, we will automatically white list your account, your post will go live automatically and will be on the front page.
  • We are doing these to keep a clean community that we will all love
  • Be a part of our success story!


We will add more to this as time goes on