Get Your Shxt Together!

So many of us have survived this long off of negativity. We stay minding someone else’s business while our homes, children, development, and relationships are falling apart. More time is spent on negative situations and nonsense and not enough on positive things.

So many are stagnant and left behind in life because they’ve settled for making excuses and being comfortable. Both are easier than taking action but more costly.

It’s easier to sit around talking and criticizing the doers than to actually do anything ourselves. This is what stagnates a community because this behavior is passed from generation to generation. They are taught what the next generation didn’t do and continue to repeat this negative cycle year after year.

Someone has to be the front runner. Someone has to step up eventually. If there are no leaders then the community will die. If there are no followers then it will perish for sure. It is time for those within the community to get up and live and get their shxt together. It’s time to stop settling and being comfy and cozy.

Stop sitting around wanting the world on a silver platter but you aren’t willing to work for it.

The only thing granted to you is life and free air. Everything else has to be worked on and obtained. You have to work on your mind to keep it functioning properly. The human body has to be cared for in order to be in good health and spirits. Not having a quality of life takes away from your life, especially if your mind isn’t intact and stable.

Anything in this life that you need and want takes action getting it.

Therefore, there is no time to mind someone else’s business and affairs when yours are out of sync. Take care of your household and personal matters. Then see how much free time you will have. Not much if you’re really putting in work. Your idle time will fade because you’ll be too busy worrying about you.

You should be your focus. Not someone else’s business. Get satisfaction from doing better for yourself and not from negativity. There is something wrong when this excites you and it explains why your life is a disgrace.

Spend your time wisely and get your shxt together. Do it for you first then your community.

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