Really, What Have You Been Saying To Yourself?

Your mirror mantra consists of every word you say to yourself every time you look in your mirror and think about your worth as a human being

In her book, Carmindy writes; “A mirror mantra is an uplifting statement you say to yourself while looking in the mirror.”

Even though this book is originally aimed at inspiring women, I believe we all can learn something worthwhile here because it isn’t only women who engage in the very unhealthy habit of talking down to themselves.

Most of us usually engage in negative self talk because we focus more on stuff like past mistakes, painful rejections we’ve faced, hurtful words we’ve spoken that we can’t take back, the parts of our bodies that we would like to change etc,instead of celebrating our wholeness and positively celebrating all that’s good about us and our lives.

These negative words have devastating effects because they affect our self esteem, our productivity and growth, and even our day to day relationships with people. You can’t expect to shine and flourish if you continue to pluck at the core of your being by being unduly hard on yourself.

It’s time to turn the table around and quit putting yourself down. Make a decision to say uplifting, edifying and positive words to yourself, about your body, your life and your future. Every day, every time and no matter what.

It’s time to look in the mirror and speak uplifting words about yourself to yourself

If you don’t know where to start, please permit me because I want to tell you how utterly blessed you are. You are the shining light your generation has been waiting for. Fearfully and wonderfully made, who is as uniquely designed as you? You have a bright future waiting to be birthed and I just know that you have all it takes to make success and greatness happen in your life. You are a bundle of awesome, incredible talents and gifts so that you can be a blessing to as many as you meet. How handsome, how beautiful you are!

You Are A Winner

I believe in your destiny, I know you can do it, the light of the world and the salt of the earth……The rest is up to you. Fill in this gap with as much positivity as you can muster.

Change your Mirror Mantra today!

Oris Yemisi Morolani

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Written by Oris Morolani


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