This Could be you if …

“Madam, make I carry you” he beckoned. “I go drop you for your house” he emphasized trying to cajole me.
“No,” I replied. “I don’t think they will let you pass the gate, you don’t have the uniform.”
“Don’t worry” he replied, “I be staff”

I reluctantly get on the commercial motorcycle. We get to the Estate gate and they let him in , true to his word.
“Which kind of Staff you be?” I asked.
“You no go understand.”
“Try me, why won’t I ?”
“Maybe next time I go tell you the story.”
He lets me down in front of my house and speeds away.

This was my first encounter with the staff. I never thought about him till I encountered him again some weeks ago.

“Ah Ah Staff, good morning, How you dey?”
“Madam, I dey o. You dey go make I carry you?”
I hopped on and tried to make small talk.
“So please tell me, are you a police officer?”
“Are you a soldier?”
“What about Man O War?”

“Hahaha Madam, you eh…”
“Please, tell me. What kind of Staff are you?”
“I no be uniform Person, but I dey call myself staff because na we start to dey ride bike for this estate.”

“Really, who be we?”
“Me and three other guys.”
He went ahead and listed their names.
“We start to dey ride bike here since 1989.”

I tried to immediately do the math in my head, that’s twenty-eight solid years. This guy has been a commercial motorcycle rider for almost my age.

“So, where are the other three guys now?” I asked.
“Them don retire”
he answered. He told me about the great feats these people accomplished with the money they made from riding commercial motorcycles in just a short period of time.
“One of them is a house owner in my estate.”

Impressive I thought to myself.
“What about you?”
I asked expecting to hear about some millions tucked away somewhere.

“I know you too na oga.”
i said to him.
“Hahaha madam, you too funny. which kind oga?”
“I never even marry sef.”
“Why na?”
“Nothing o, no money.”

“But you just told me of all these people have accomplished and you started with them.”
“What happened?”
“I no know. Time just dey go, nothing to show.”

I was speechless till I got to my destination.
I saw him again this evening, and I thought of our little conversation. I know that many people will criticise him, laugh at him and chastise him for being careless or for drinking away his destiny or for being a “mumu”.Yet, lots of people today are like this man. Twenty-eight years is enough to retire from active service and set up a business yet he has nothing to show.

You  Facebook status reads: Happy new month, six months gone, six remaining, the hustle continues.

Where is the proof of your hustle?

Genuine hustle produces tangible results. Don’t allow the hustle to continue without proof.

Learn from the staff, after twenty-eight years of hard labour, in the rain, in the sun, in the cold, in the heat, keeping very late nights, waking up very early in the morning, not to mention the risks involved. No tangible result, not even a change in profession.

My heart broke for him, but this happens every day. We keep postponing.The I will do it latter virus has eaten deep into our core values. We forget that we are not as young as we think we are. We forget that time waits for nobody, we forget that time is not your friend.

Just like yesterday when we were busy shouting happy New Year, and today,  more than a hundred days are already gone.

Appraise yourself, ask valid questions.

How close are you to achieving your goals for the year? How close are you to the house of your dreams? How far are you from that vision? How far are you from discovering purpose? Do you even know who you are?

Do you have a grading system to aid you in checking your progress? What is your reward system? How do you even know you are making some sort of progress? Do you even have goals?

Maybe you didn’t set any goals for the year, it’s not to late to get some. Maybe you do not have a clear-cut vision, you don’t even know why you are alive, it’s not too late,thankGod you are still amongst the living, you can start now.

I know you have goals for the year and you have not been working towards it, it’s not to late to start. Start now stop waiting, say no to procrastination, you are not as young as you think you are. Start now. Recession, poor governance, family background or location is not excuse enough.

Break new grounds, thread in high places, create new industries, and come up with new ideas and innovations. Stop waiting for a miracle, be the miracle. Make reconcilable progress, by starting from wherever you are.

Welcome to the month of June, you still have enough time to make it work. Do not relent your efforts.

Happy New Month!

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Abel Udoekene Jnr

Wonderful article.. It’s a powerful reminder, thank you for sharing

That Ghanaian Girl

Yes, it’s a very inspiring story, I’m happy to read it… Hope to share it with my friends here


I’ve had similar experience, I met a retired police officer who was very down because of the mistakes he made when he was an officer.. His lost the wife and was about losing his child… He was struggling to survive and he told me just one thing…. “don’t just eat everything now, keep some for tomorrow” ..

Thank you for sharing, wonderful story


Thank you for this, I really needed to read this today..

Tony Stewart
Tony Stewart

I do believe that we the people are the problem we are facing, we should look mostly within ourselves, not others to help us grow

Burnet B
Burnet B

It’s a pity hope most people could come to terms with reality, life is not fair… I’ve seen it, I’ve got so many questions and disappointment, buy giving up has never been the options.

Thank you for renewing my hope

Carrie Dobson

I’m glad to read this article, thank you so much, we need this kind of reminder everyday… We are not alone in this struggle

Greene Davies
Greene Davies

This is one of the best story I’ve read in recent months, thank you so much, you made my day

Funny Tom

I was in your country 2015 to cover the general election, I know Nigerians to be very hard working, but it most time depressing when you see most of them engaging in scams and 419…
I just hope the next generation will work hard to change this sad image that some few individual has painted on your country…


The trend is not the same anymore, though we still have some minor people which naturally, you can’t rule them out in a World like ours engaging in such Ventures, but we are growing stronger everyday

Abel Udoekene Jnr

The Story is already changing, maybe @kemfondecade could tell you more

Mfon Abel Ekene

This is powerful!

Kemfon Decade

You are on point, thank you

David Gutierrez
David Gutierrez

Thank you, I love your writing, you speak from the heart and through your experience.. You are not just like one of them

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