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    10 ways to Speed up a slow computer

    Upgrade your RAM You can’t expect your computer to do multitasking if you are using a 2GB RAM. At least go for 8GB. RAM will not increase you speed but will allow you to handle large applications/games more effectively. Spending few bucks on a new RAM is never wasted. DDR5 RAM’s have the best speeds. […] More

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    13 Best Android Games like Red Dead Redemption 2

    1. West Gunfighter With over 4.6 star ratings this games tops our list and like red read redemption 2 you can take part in several storyline missions, graphics might be not good as RDR 2 but you will enjoy completing activities, roaming around the map and the wild west. Customize your character, choose your horse […] More

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    Advantages And Disadvantages Of Permissionless Blockchain

    Blockchain Technology surfaced with the surge of cryptocurrency. Today you may find every business, and all the big industries are talking about using Blockchain. They want to make it a part of their mainstream business operations. On the surface, we know that blockchain is a distributed ledger technology. It works on the principle of decentralisation and […] More

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    The Future Of Cyber Security: Blockchain Technology

    What simply started as the technology behind Bitcoin, has taken over the world today. Blockchain technology has seeped into every sphere of our lives from banking to healthcare and beyond. Cybersecurity is an industry which has been significantly impacted by this technology with a scope for more in the future. In Alex Momot’s words, ‘By […] More

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    Ponpun : A new name

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    The name Ponpun can make you expressive, charming, and affectionate with high ideals and goals. You are impressionable and receptive but also positive and reliable. You feel the suffering and distress of others very keenly, and are drawn into positions of helping, for example, in institutional or community work in education or health care. Able […] More

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    10 guaranteed ways to fight insomnia naturally


    Sleep is a subject we talk about constantly in the office, yet we’ve never really addressed it here on the blog. This odd phenomenon is mirrored by our society at large: while sleep is obviously one of the foremost pillars of wellness, we tend to brush past the subject entirely. That’s why Dr. Preeti Devnani MD has dedicated her […] More

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    12 Life Hacks Every Student Should Know (Open list) (12 submissions)

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      Studying seems to be dreadful to you? It is dreadful indeed unless you know some of the life hacks that will make your education easier. They will help you increase your productivity, organize studying process, save money,  and get better grades. So here they are, 12 life hacks every student should know!     More

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