Giving Trends for Nonprofit in USA 2019 | iConnectX

Uncover the giving trends for nonprofit in 2019. From the effect of economic factors to the growth of online giving through mobile fundraising

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Written by Andrew

iConnectX is a free social platform that connects Professionals, Executives, Experts, and Companies with Charity/Nonprofit Organizations, increasing participation in events, auctions and donations.
Started in 2017, iConnectX is a product of Sqwirrel LLC, a Bloomfield Hills, Michigan company. This is the only social platform that enables Professionals to connect with Executives and Experts, bringing them together for the same cause while raising dollars for charity and nonprofit organizations.
Private Bridge is a patent pending technology of iConnectX that helps professionals connect with experts or executives for fees that are donated directly to charity and nonprofit organizations registered on the platform.
Direct donations, auctions and events are advertised and managed directly by registered organizations.
iConnectX is available through web and mobile platforms and there are no fees for Charities an Non-profits to be on the platform and to use its tools. This platform will revolutionize the way charities and non-profits connect with the millennials.
More info: iConnectX

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