The Simpsons (14/20)

The Simpsons has been on since the dawn of humankind, otherwise known as 1990, and shows no sign of stopping. The family from Springfield will likely outlive all non-animated humans, probably all cockroaches, and possibly even planet Earth itself. Of course, when a comedy lasts that long, it’s impossible to hit the same highs that were hit, episode after episode, in the halcyon days of seasons four and five. Still: As this year’s Treehouse of Horror installment proved, it’s still better than many TV sitcoms. Watching every little thing Marge does that’s magic is hardly a waste of your time. 28+ seasons, 230+ hours*.

Streaming on Simpsons World (every episode) and Hulu (current season only). Available for purchase on Amazon. Select seasons available for purchase on Google Play or iTunes.

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