How To Build A Connection Economy That Pays

By Abel Udoekene

The first day I came across the Word connection economy was in a small business gathering. I had went there to escort a friend who was presenting a talk to the group.
We arrived quite early and he introduced me to most of the small business owners, we interacted a little, then after a few minutes he called me and asked “Abel, how is your connection economy here going”

I was hoping to give him an answer but he wasn’t really interested in my answer he just wanted me to get along and have fun in the meeting. The meeting was exciting, the ideas and experience shared was wonderful, but like we discussed at the end of the meeting, people that usually win in business are those who are able to improve their connection economy.

According to my friend Neil “When you give value you make meaniful connection”
So the first thing I learn about improving your connection economy is the value your bring to the table.

What’s your value?
I recently read a sticker that says
“If you can’t make it better, then you are making it worst” The best and easiest way to build your connection is to provide value. And it’s the value you provide that will determine the type, style and the success of your relationship.

Jay Baer make mention of influence as a driving force of action, not just awareness. I believe that your connection is influenced by your value, your value determines your influence, then your influence drives awareness and inspire action. A brand without value doesn’t command influence and without influence your connection economy is not healthy.

Expanding your personal network is also very vital in maintaining a healthy connection economy.
Let me say that even if you give in 100% to build and develop a brand, without the right connection, your brand won’t actually be a success. One thing you need to do to be in business is to expand your personal network. Expansion here implies meeting and connecting with new people, especially Influencers.

How active are you on social media?
Most business are on social media without actually knowing what they are doing on social media.
The first thing any business need to do on social media is to have an identity. An identity is very important. With an identity, people can easily understand what you offer by reading through your profile.
It’s actually sad, that most brand have social media account without any profile picture, no description and virtually nothing to display what they are doing.
So let your social media profile have a great story to tell people about your brand.

Post frequently but make sure that your post is valuable and helpful to your plans and goals. And don’t forget to engage and interact with your audience.
Engagement and interaction is vital.

Maintaining a good and healthy connection economy is vital to your personal and business success, so establish your value, build your influence and grow your brand.

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Written by Abel Udoekene Jnr

Abel is a blogger, a social media strategist and a small business influencer.


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